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born and grown up in the east of switzerland, i started handling cameras in an early age. i remember how i was fascinated about how you can capture a moment within a frame that will gift you with a memory forever. when i was ten years old, my father showed me how to create a stop motion film with nothing but a digital camera and windows movie maker. that blew my mind and creating video content immediately became my passion. since then, i never really stopped the camera from running. the past few years have been an unbelievable journey. thanks to my videography, i made so many new friends, discovered so many beautiful things and got opportunities i would have never dreamt of. therefore i did this website. you'll find all my adventures and projects on here. oh - and as you are reading this right now - let me say thank you for your time and for following my adventures, you're brilliant 🙂


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dreams > reality

this thinking was always inside of me and kept growing in the past years. the more i had to participate in our capitalist society, the more i found my own way of living.
if you have any great ideas which you'd like to visualize, do not hesitate to contact me so we can start the creative process!


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